Susan Hecht - The Ripple Effect - Solo show

“The Ripple Effect” is a collection of new work by painter Susan Hecht that explores the interconnectedness and profound impact of rivers, marshes and oceans on our world. You'll find pieces that showcase the serenity of calm waters, the rhythmic crashing of waves, and the life that thrives above the surface.   A celebration of bodies of water, these works of art encourage viewers to contemplate their own connection to the water and the impact of their actions on the delicate balance of nature. The smallest ripple can create a profound effect on the entire ecosystem. 


Hecht says, "For me, art brings to life the details, the things we appreciate without realizing.  My work focuses on the beauty of simplicity, the commonalities in the everyday, the things we can relate to. Because it’s our relationships that matter most; relationships between people, between past and present, between light and dark, between the individual and the whole.”


Favorite subjects of Hecht are the familiar saltmarshes and tidal creeks that weave throughout the coastal landscape.  The dynamic ecosystems found in these wetlands provide endless sources of inspiration for her paintings.   In these pieces, the sway of marsh grasses and the play of light on the water’s surface are captured.  The freedom of soaring seagulls and graceful egrets are portrayed in joyful, serene tones.  With expressive brushwork and Hecht’s signature warm and inviting palette, these paintings will leave you with a sense of peace and reflection. 


This show also includes several large-scale paintings portraying the vastness and power of oceans, the ebb and flow of the tides, and whispering sea oats.  The light and shadows in Hecht's paintings of dunes highlight the beauty of something as ordinary as sand, with footprints giving a subtle nod to the human connection. These works serve as a moving reminder of the immense beauty and fragility of our waterways, emphasizing the ripple effect that extends beyond their shores and impacts all life on Earth.


 “Through my work, I hope to evoke that sense of connection and create something beautiful that others can enjoy.”—Susan Hecht.   


Join the Dare Gallery, 31 Broad Street, Charleston in welcoming Susan Hecht with an opening reception for this new body of work, from 5-8 pm during the Charleston Gallery Association October Artwalk.  



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