Mood Swings - Solo Show - Michael Cyra

Artists can intentionally set the mood of a painting in many ways. Through the use of subject matter, color, tone, composition and technique, an artist can use visual cues to evoke a general feeling or state-of-mind for the viewer.  It is amazing how the simple act of viewing artwork can bring about an emotional response ranging from happiness to sadness, from anxiety to a sense of calm.

In Michael Cyra’s solo show, Mood Swings, he’ll take you on a journey from bright and bold sun-drenched fields to calming tonal paintings to forgotten memories in a dark nocturnal scene.  “Each new painting has an intended mood I want to convey, but I’m always fascinated by the first impression of the viewer.  I love hearing about the emotions that surface because of a particular color, or time of day, or a past memory.” Art appreciation is intrinsically personal.  You never know what will draw you in to a painting, but once you’re there it can be a cathartic experience as you explore the movement, rhythm and gestural brushstrokes that captured your attention. “Ultimately, I just want my artwork to be thought-provoking and to introduce a little happiness or a calming sense of peace.”

Whether you want to prolong a good mood or snap-out of a bad one, you’ll enjoy viewing “Mood Swings” a collection of more than 20 new oil paintings by Michael Cyra.