Judy McSween- transported

Judy McSween’s abstract oil paintings transcend ordinary perspectives, transporting viewers to dreamlike places. She works from realism, taking an image and deconstructing the composition into sweeping curves of color, unexpected angles, and smooth planes. Painting lines and scraping through layers of color to find pathways, arteries or roots, she leads viewers through her paintings to spaces infused with light and joy. That light — just beyond the horizon, spilling into a field or captured for a split second along an edge, is Judy’s signature.  Her style combines delicately blended brushwork with bold intuitive palette knife marks, making her paintings fresh, lively, and familiar.

McSween says, “When I’m painting, I’m in “my zone,” a timeless space where my mind reimagines memories and places or invents new worlds. I’m transported. The energy of light, line, and color that mark my starting point take me to wonderful new places. And sometimes, the work transports me back to savor a special time or place. It’s the movement and opportunity to go somewhere in a painting that is so incredible to me. My paintings in Transported pay tribute to art’s amazing ability to carry us away.”