Tierney Hall

Tierney Hall

  Tierney Rollins Hall graduated with a BFA from UGA in 2007. She makes wheel thrown, functional pottery in her back yard in Augusta GA. The clay is a white stoneware that’s fired to cone 10 in a gas reduction kiln. The glaze is a clear copper blue that is hand mixed by the artist. The orange flashing on the bare clay is from the smoke in the kiln during reduction. Pots are dishwasher, microwave, and food safe.

 When she is not making pottery, Tierney works as a Registered Nurse, homeschools her two boys, and enjoys life with her husband. 



      I’ve enjoyed making art my whole life which lead to me majoring in Fine Arts at the University of Georgia. I discovered a love for pottery and graduated in 2007 with a BFA. I’ve been throwing pots in my backyard ever since.

     Over the years I’ve developed a style of my own and narrowed my colors to just the one glaze. The clay is a white stoneware fired to cone 10 (over 2300F). The glaze is hand mixed and formulated from a glaze I first used in college. The blue color comes from the small amount of copper which can also flash red or burgundy in the presence of carbon (smoke). The glaze has a lovely tendency to pool and drip, a quality I encourage. I only glaze the top half of the exterior to allow room for drips but also to showcase the orange flashing that develops on the clay body in the smoky atmosphere of my gas reduction kiln. 

     Quality and fine craftsmanship are paramount to me when creating and finishing my pottery. The shapes, curves, edges, and designs are all carefully considered to satisfy visually but also tactually and to gracefully perform the piece’s function. The ceramic is fired to full vitrification which means it is non porous. All pots are food safe, microwave safe, and dishwasher safe. Pieces are individually checked for flaws or leaks and the foot of each piece is sanded to a smooth finish. 

     It is my opinion that art is best enjoyed in the home where it can enhance the owner’s daily life. My pottery is intended to encourage the user to be mindful and present in the moment, to notice the weight and balance of a cup, to feel how the handle fits in different grips, to appreciate the contrast between crystalline smooth and crisp combed texture. Art is intended to be consumed and functional pottery in particular finds purpose through it’s use, so thank you for your part in completing my work.

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