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Angel Allen

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Angel  Allen - Both Sides of the Racial Divide
Both Sides of the Racial Divide
Mixed Media  
20 x 55 in
"Our artists’ hearts often speak through image and intuition when faced with something that is hard to put into words or to wrap rational thought around. Both Sides of the Racial Divide emerged from such a place after the Emmanuel Nine shooting in Charleston, SC. I used glass – a material that can be both fragile and enduring – to depict both hopeful possibilities and hurtful realities. At its center, a stream flows around a parallel nail representing an absence of resistance and stress while beautifully symbolic of utility,good design and resilience. This piece features a surface reminiscent of the earth’s crust and plate tectonics to reflect the seismic shifts that occur in society where fissures develop and eruptions boil and then things settle. The iridescent luminous quality of the glass when the viewer shifts perspectives allows the colors to emerge reminding us of the complexity of our spirit when light is allowed to enter. " -- Angel Allen
$ 3,275.00

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