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Barbara Dengler


About the Artists:

For Barbara, her decades' long journey began at a simple community basket class. With her imagination ignited, she experimented with shape and patterns within the confines of traditional ribbed basketry.  What drew her to double chamber rib baskets was the engineering challenge of maintaining rigorous symmetry and balance.

 "I prefer twill designs because of the movement and texture in the weave," she says. Barbara also enjoys the juxtaposition of the rough texture of seagrass with the smoothness of reed. Her current work reflects the precision of the rib technology while incorporating wooden bases and collars where the weaving disappears into the wood. "I enjoy the fullness of round baskets. Most baskets are created for utilitarian purpose. My work is more about building decorative vessels for people to enjoy as pieces of art. Each has a personality all of its own.”

 "For me, creating a basket is a deeply meditative process," says Barbara. "Each basket introduces itself as the work evolves. Sometimes the materials dictate the shape and design, other times it may be my mood. It's a process and a journey. There can be surprises along the way.”

 Originally from north central New Jersey, Barbara has lived in San Antonio, TX and Winston-Salem, NC before settling into the Lowcountry. After nearly 35 years in the corporate world, Barbara is enjoying the opportunity to devote more time to her craft.  She has exhibited her work at the prestigious Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show and the South Carolina Artisans Center.





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