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Evan and Kyanne Livingston


About the Artists:
The husband and wife team of Kyanne and Evan Livingston have colaborated to create ikebanas and flower pillows that not only make a perfect gift; they also transform the novice flower appreciator into a genius of flower arrangement design. The flower pillows are also perfect for the little buds that children break off and bring to you as a sweet gift. Using both wheel and hand building techniques, these high fired vessels are made of either porcelain or stoneware and are fired in a gas kiln.

"We are a husband and wife team that collaborates in the creation of our pottery. In addition to creating pottery we also are professional fine art instructions. We have served apprenticeships under master potter Steve Scagnelli of Sedona, Arizona. We view the medium of clay as a three dimensional canvas for artistic expression. The layering of multiple glazes and metallic oxides creates many variables and spontaneous color effects. Each piece is unique with brilliant or subtle color intensity. Our foundation in the fine arts enables us to approach our pottery with an artistic perspective; balance, focal point, proportion, rhythm and unity are principals that influence our work."

"Fresh flowers are the finishing touch to these pieces. The exquisite beauty of flowers inspires us to ponder the wonders of the creator of flowers. It is our hope that you enjoy our work and the flowers that rest in them."





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