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Greg Rawls


About the Artists:
Glass is an eternal medium that has been worked in one form or another since 250 BC. Fused glass has been found to have existed as a revered art form in ancient Egypt. The technique was lost and re- discovered about 50 years ago. Kiln formed glass is a difficult process due to issues of glass com- patibility and the inherent fragile nature of glass; however, when properly worked it is an amazingly strong medium that will stand the test of time. I am fascinated by the way light plays off glass, either transmitted or reflected, giving the work new meaning with changing light and viewing angle. It is the fusion of art and science that makes creating works of art in kiln-formed glass so remarkable. Greg Rawls has been a stained glass artist for over 20 years, and transitioned into fused glass in 1998. His work is part of the Bullseye Glass corporate collection, the South Carolina Artisan Center, was displayed in the 2003 Charleston Designer Showhouse and won 2nd place in the 2005 Piccolo Spoleto Juried Art Exhibition in Charleston, SC. His work was chosen as the poster image for the 2006 Piccolo Spoleto Petite Performance Pavillion andwon 1st place in the 2006 Piccolo Spoleto Juried Art Exhibition for for his piece, “View from My Balcony in Alicante”. In 2008, the piece, “Linear Regression” was elected for the South Carolina State Museum Juried Art Exhibition in Columbia, South Carolina.
Associated Exhibitions
Greg Rawls -- Kiln Formed Glass
Sculpture & Vessels
March 2 - March 16, 2012
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